Consistent Numbering Information Sheet

Consistent Numbering

Consistent numbering (sometimes referred to as Familiar Sender or ‘Sticky’ numbering) makes sure the same 'From' number is selected when messaging a particular recipient. This allows your application to consistently send messages to your user from a single recognisable number. What this means is that, when an account is sending to a recipient they have previously sent to, the system will use the same source number as the previous message/s, thereby making this "familiar" and giving recipients confidence that the business contacting them is genuine.

If this is enabled for your Company (speak to your Company Administrator if it is not), you activate this via the Compose page per below:

The Benefits of Consistent Numbering

It personalises your communication with a single recognised touch point per customer, without the cost of a dedicated short code

  • Builds trust and confidence - Creates familiarity by enabling you to send multiple messages to a handset from a familiar sender
  • Uses the same number every time - It ensures you always use the same “from” number, for each individual recipient
  • Let's you be instantly recognisable – Messenger uses a rotary of numbers but your customers will be able to save your “from” number as a contact on their mobile, with your name


A brief flow of how this will work:

Some notes:

Company Admins will have the ability via their “Company Settings” to turn this on for the whole company

Once on, if the "Consistent Numbering" is checked on the Compose page, all the messages will go from the same number

The replies/quick replies end up in the same thread

If the "Consistent Numbering" is unchecked, messages will go from a new thread for the particular message, then default to on for the next new message

If turned on by Company Admins, users still have the ability to switch it off per message, by 'unticking' the checkbox when composing a message

Ask your Company Admin to enable it

Company Admin, this is the screen you will see:

Can only be turned on for the whole Company. If individual users do not want this, they have to untick the Consistent Numbering check-box when they compose a message.