Can we use HTTPS for added security?

How do I get the values for the 'user' and 'password' fields?

Does the password expire?

How can we request a new password?


Can I see when a recipient received a message on their handset?

Can I see when a recipient reads a SMS message I sent them?

When sending SMS by email can I tell if the person received it?

Can I send in different languages?

Are messages delivered immediately?

How Many Messages can be sent per minute?

What are the possible values NUR 'error' field?

Is the purpose of the messageId solely for the use of the sender?

Can I set the SMS expiration period?

What is the best way to retrieve incoming messages from the Messenger API?

Does the 160 character limit for single messages apply before, or after URL encoding?

What content-types does Messenger API support?

Benefits and Restrictions

Can I send to more than one recipient?

Can I send and receive SMS by email using the API?

How does Bulletin handle Mobile Number Portability in New Zealand?

Recipient Issues

Where do replies go?

Why is the recipient receiving the same message repeatedly?

Why might a message not be delivered from a Short Code?

Branding and Marketing

Can the source number be set when sending a message?

Can the recipient see a name instead of a number when they receive a message?

More Information

What's the difference between the Messenger API and Bulletin SMPP?

Where can I get a copy of the 'service rules'?

Does Bulletin offer Carrier Lookup functionality?

When is a message billed to my account?