Bulletin API - Tutorials and Examples

Developer Guide

The Bulletin API Developer Guide covers all aspects of integration, including error and status.
If you can't find your answers here, then check out the FAQ before asking our friendly support team for help.

How mTag Threading Works

mTag Threading provides correlation between sent and received messages.
For example you might text Bob regarding a doctors appointment in one message and a dental checkup in another. When Bob replies, without any special information inside the SMS we can determine which message he has replied to. This is the basis of mTag
mTag uses pools of numbers. We take care of that for you, but it is possible to purchase shortcodes and phone numbers if you wish.

Integration With HTML Tutorial

Bulletin API can be easily integrated with no development skills for basic scenarios, such as an internal webpage for your staff to send messages in a Small Business.
In this Example we will show you how to get up and running in 10 minutes. Easy.

Integration With PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial we will integrate a basic PHP form similar in appearance to the HTML Tutorial. We'll get a message sent and check its status.
You'll need basic PHP development experience - if you don't you can probably get it working anyway.

Integration With Java - Sending Tutorial

In this tutorial we show you how to send a message in the Bulletin API using Java.
This demonstrates basic API usage. You'll need to know a bit about Java - or have a resident developer on-hand.

Integration With Java - Receiving Tutorial

In this tutorial we show you how to fetch a message with the Bulletin API using Java.
You should have completed the sending tutorial and have a messageId on hand to fetch

Integration with Objective-C - Sending Tutorial

In this tutorial we will create some re-usable core for asynchronously sending message using the Bulletin API.
You could use this code inside an iOS app for example on an iPhone to create a service for example using Virtual Numbers, or you could write a Mac OSX app for desktop users.

Integration with Python

In this tutorial we will send and receive some messages via both the Request and Urllib approaches.
You shouldn't need much experience to code up this example