Bulletin will provide you with a report that generated at the end of each month containing a summary of messages per carrier according to Bulletin's internal statistics. This report is indicative only and the volume settled by the carrier may vary

The Bulletin report will give you some idea of what to expect. However, ONLY the carrier statistics will be used towards calculating the actual revenue share that you are entitled to and that is included as a credit note in your next invoice.

Conflict Resolution

There can be a significant difference between the two numbers because carriers have the right to deduct bad debt, uncollectible revenue, charge backs, etc. On average the difference between the two reports is mostly 3-10%. If there is a discrepancy of more than 10% and the monetary value of such discrepancy is higher than $500, we will immediately escalate the issue to the carrier for further investigation.

Will I get paid for all my submitted messages?

You are compensated based on the number of messages the carriers report in their billing statistics. From past experience, the number of submitted messages and the number of billed messages often do not match. The Success Billing Ratio (SBR) is defined as the number of messages effectively billed by the carrier, divided by the number of messages submitted to the carrier. E.g. if you submit 100 messages and the carrier traffic report only lists 95, the SBR will be 95%. The SBR varies by carrier and by service. Subscription services tend to have lower SBRs than one-off services. Other reasons may be insufficient credit (only for prepaid cards), charge-backs, etc.