On the Vodafone New Zealand network a masked MSISDN is required for either a zero rated short code or for premium messaging compliance messages.

A masked MSISDN takes the following format 64210030xxxx or 642100300xxx, where the x's match the short code. The Vodafone NZ SMSC converts messages sent from the masked MSISDN (by the use of rateCodes) to the appropriate short code so that they appear on the handset as being from the shortcode, providing a better customer experience.

Premium messaging compliance messages sent from the masked MSISDN are free to the recipient as per the TCF rules but transmission charges can be applied by Bulletin to the content provider.

Zero rated short codes are billed on the MT leg, and this leg is sent from the masked MSISDN.

Setup and maintenance costs are the same as a normal short code so there is

  1. A setup fee charged by the carrier 
  2. An annual fee charged by the carrier 
  3. Message costs 

Services that require a Masked MSISDN have additional requirements on the carrier application form.