This table shows some of the features available in the Messaging APIs provided by Bulletin products. 

The best product for you will depend on what features you require but whereas Bulletin Messenger offers a ready to use solution web and email that can be extended with the API, Bulletin Connect gives you the opportunity to create a fully customised or specialised application utilising the carrier grade Bulletin Connect API without the restrictions of Bulletin Messenger. 

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Product Feature


Bulletin Connect

REST Interface

Standard 160 Char SMS Messaging

Single Recipient
SSL secure transport
International Messaging
Multiple Recipients per connection
Address Book Recipients  
Delivery Status Updates via API
Replies via API
Inbound Message (MO) handling  
Message Logs  
Online Reports  
Message Limits 
SOAP Interface "deprecated"   
SMPP Interface  
Long Messaging 


Sample Code 

Online Management

MT Billing

Premium Billing (Short Codes)  

User Client Message IDs for reply tracking

High Message throughput

Online Address Book

Web2SMS Alternative Interface
Email2SMS Alternative Interface

TouchScreen Mobile Alternative Interface

Outlook 2007/10 Alternative Interface