Email To SMS messages

   Before you start

Before using email to send SMS messages, ensure your address is enabled in the system. Valid addresses are listed on the Website on the settings/options page. If you can not access this page, contact your administrator and ask them to check if your email address is configured.

Company Administrators should contact with details of the email addresses or domains that they want registered for SMS via email.

If your email address is enabled or if it is covered by a licence for your entire domain, then messages can be sent from any RFC 5322 compliant email client depending on the license and settings such as:

  1. IP Authentication (Company). 
  2. Close Address Books (Company or Account). 
  3. Email to contacts only (Company or Account). 

One benefit of this service is that it uses software you are familiar with to send SMS messages. Simply compose your email as you normally would and send to your contacts and their replies will come back to your email. 

The main limitation is that each message is limited to 160 characters, including the subject line but this can be changed online in your Messenger account settings to allow upto 459 latin characters (or 201 characters if non ascii is included).

The steps to send SMS via email are the same as sending a normal email: 

  1. Open your Email Client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail etc)
  2. Enter the Recipient Addresses in the space provided
  3. Enter the Subject of the Email (or leave blank)
  4. Write your Message
  5. Send the Email


By default only the first 160 characters of the subject plus the message will be sent to the mobile device so get to the point quickly. Alternatively you can change your Messenger settings to that upto 459 latin characters can be sent. To avoid sending irrelevant content you can also set a signature separator string that will force trailing content to be removed from the email when converted to SMS.

Using smiley faces in your email may result in truncated messages or excess message fee's due to the way Outlook sends this emotion icon and how it is received by Bulletin.

With this system, the SMS recipient may not know who sent the message so it is suggested that you add your name and a contact number so you can be contacted if required (replies by SMS will go back to your email address but the person will not be able to call the number that the SMS appears to come from). 

Sending to Multiple Recipients

This email will be sent, as an SMS message, to the New Zealand Mobile number 02715414141 and the number matching the 'A.Contact' alias in this users address book. It will also be sent as a standard email to the recipients in the "To:" field.

With group emails, it is suggested that Bulletin Messenger addresses be entered in the BCC field. This will stop other recipients from attempting to send email messages to addresses they may not have access to.

Disposition Emails

If your email client allows delivery receipts you can send an Email2SMS message and request a delivery receipt. The way of setting a message to send a delivery status varies depending on what email client you are using and some email products may not offer this service. Gmail for example only offer this service in the business version of Gmail.

The delivery report shows details the status of your Email2SMS message below is an example of a delivery status report.