Bulletin SMPP

The Bulletin SMPP interface is based on version 3.4 of the SMPP specification. Bulletin SMPP is carried out via the Bulletin Connect product.


Before using Bulletin SMPP you must be setup and allocated user credentials. Contact Sales and you will be contacted with your credentials.


Be sure to view the terms of service and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Table of contents


  1. Bulletin SMPP Connection Setup
  2. Threading Settings
    1. Using a Message ID
  3. Setting Source
    1. Using a rateCode
    2. Customised headers - ALPHA
    3. Customised headers - phone number
  4. Having trouble setting the TON?


Bulletin SMPP Connection Setup

Your account will need to be configured to use SMPP before you can connect. Please contact Bulletin to enable this if required.


Host smsc01.bulletin.net
Port 10000


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Threading Settings



Using a Message ID

There are two methods for reply and status tracking using mTAG threading with SMPP.
  1. Set your unique message ID as the sender address in your message 
    1. source TON must be 4 
    2. message ID is a numeric up to 19 characters in length 
  2. Record the message id that is returned in the SMPP submit response. 

Any replies and delivery receipts will contain the message id for linking to the original MT message. They will also contain the ID provided as your sender address if set in the original MT message.

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Setting Source

Being able to set the source number (eg for premium billing) requires a rateCodes or your account settings changed to support customised headers. Contact Bulletin with specific use cases so we can assist with configuring your account.

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Using a rateCode

This is the recommended way to set the source for a message.


Source Address rateCodes provided by Bulletin


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Customised headers - ALPHA

Source Address The ALPHA string that you want to appear on the handset. Bulletin will need to allow this feature on your account

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Customised headers - phone number 


Source Address The phone that you want to appear as the sender on the handset. Bulletin will need to allow this feature on your account

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Having trouble setting the TON?

Sometimes your application is unable to set the TON to 4, yet you require threading. Should this be the case, we have built a fallback scenario into the SMSC. If the _source_addr_ is set to 00000000 - eight zeros, the system will use mTag however you will be unable so specify your own MessageID in this scenario and instead in the response one will be provided.

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