Bulletin Virtual Numbers

One number, easily assigned to either your own account or a sub account for a colleague. And all from the comfort of whatever devices you prefer - Computer, mobile, online or tablet. At home, in the office or out and about, your Virtual Number goes with you.
There's no need to install extra software. Bulletin Messenger comes free with your purchase a Virtual Number. Feature rich and simple to use, Bulletin Messenger will get you started using your Virtual Number in seconds. With a starter kit of free messages you can let your customers know they can save your new Virtual Number into their address books.
Save your company's budget. Buy a Virtual Number for your Key Personnel and assign it to their mobile. One phone, two numbers: Personal and Business.

New Customer 

You can search and instantly allocate a Virtual Number for Texting to your account instantly online in three easy steps: 
  1. Go to http://www.bulletin.net/virtual-sms-numbers.html
  2. Find Virtual Numbers for the USA area code you require 
  3. Click Add To Cart 
  4. We require you to signup to have a means of providing you access to your Virtual Number 
  5. Complete the following fields: 
    1. Country: Select your country from the list. If your country is not displayed please contact support@bulletin.net or select the closest country to you. 
    2. Username: Choose your own username (Between 3 and 33 characters). 
    3. Password: Choose your own password and then fill out the confirm password with the same password. 
    4. Email: The email address related to the account you wish to set up. 
    5. Mobile: This must be a valid mobile number and Must be in International Format with no spaces, letters, brackets or other special characters see the section on International Number Format for examples. 
  6. If you came from one of our many promotions make sure you enter that code in there. 
  7. Optionally you can opt into marketing where we will send you out new and exciting offers as well as keep you up to date with what's going on at Bulletin. 
  8. Accept Bulletin's T&Cs. 
  9. Click the Next Step Button. 
  10. Select your preferred subscription period 
  11. Enter your payment details 
Congratulations on your purchase of a Virtual Number. It is automatically up and running, and assigned to Bulletin Messenger/Outlook Messaging.

Existing Customer 

Existing customers can purchase a Virtual Number by visiting the Virtual Numbers page http://www.bulletin.net/virtual-sms-numbers.html - you will not be required to signup again 

Using your Virtual Number

Messages sent from Outlook or through Email2SMS, Messenger Web or Touch2TXT will have your virtual number set as the source number. 

Multiple Virtual Numbers

It is possible to purchase multiple Virtual Numbers online.
The default process assigns the first virtual number purchased as your primary outbound number. Each subsequent number is only available inbound.
You can assign virtual numbers to any users within your company

Virtual Number Reach

Virtual Numbers are reachable from the United States with experimental support outside. Messages sent from a Virtual Number can only reach North America. 
Bulletin do not charge for receiving messages. Your carrier may charge you for sending messages to a Virtual Number.

Virtual Number Abuse

Virtual Numbers are not to be used for Mobile Originated Campaigns, such as texting a number for a pre-determined response. Virtual Numbers are for Person to Person communication only and no automation is allowed, including through the Bulletin Messenger API