Bulletin Messenger - Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions


Who do I contact for more information or help?

  • If you are unable to find the answer to your question online, then please ask for help by sending an email to Support@Bulletin.net . Give us as much information about you issue as possible and we will be in touch to help you.



PrePay and USA Customers/Sending


Why am I unable to top up my PrePay account?

  • Bulletin is discontinuing their PrePay offering. Customers are advised to use up their remaining credit, then to please contact our sales team to be advised of ongoing account options.

Is there any reason why I cannot send to my customers in USA via Shared Short code anymore?

  • The rules for sending to USA have changed to make it more compliant. read more on this here. You cannot send via Shared short codes anymore, you will need to purchase a Tollfree Number/TFN and get it verified.  Please contact our sales team. for more information. 

Why am I unable to sign up from USA?

  • Bulletin is handing over all our valued USA customers to our in-country partner companies. This to allow them to get local support and be kept up-to-date with any USA Legal/Compliance changes. Please contact our sales team. for more information. 


Your Account Details


Why do I have to verify my mobile?

  • A few of our services require a valid mobile to be able to use them so to make sure you are fully up and running from the get go we get you to verify your mobile.

How do I change my Account Details?

  • Your personal details can be changed at any time using the Profile Settings page via the My Settings menu item on Messenger. Some changes might require verification before they become active, for example, changing your mobile number.

What is the difference between an account, a user and a company?

  • An account is used to facilitate all your billing from many of Bulletin's products. A user is an account which they belong to and bill to and the company is the owner of the account. We only allow companies to have one account at present, if you would like more then please get in contact with us by sending an email to Support@Bulletin.net 



Service and Product Subscription


What is the right product for me?

  • Bulletin provides a number of SMS and wireless services that cover a broad range of user requirements.
    Basically, if you want to:



Message Transactions


How do I send a message to a mobile?

  • The Bulletin Dashboard does not send messages but it provides a number of different subscription services that can be used depending on your requirements.

How do I view messages that I have sent and received?

  • Each service maintain separate and distinct message logs. Reports on message content, recipients etc must be done in each service.

It says I've reached my user limit or message limit how do I get this lifted?