Parallels Automation 5.4 (PA) is a powerful and nimble service provisioning platform for providing cloud service to business customers. It is used primarily by Internet Service Providers and Telecommunications companies to dynamically setup services for end customers.

The Bulletin Parallels Automation package is a Gold Certified APS 1.2 package providing Parallels Automation customers with a simple and rapidly deployable text messaging service for their customers.

Compatible Platforms

The APS package is v1.2 and has been tested against Parallels Automation 5.4 with the Management Node running on both Redhat Linux 5.x and CentOS 5.x

Allocating the Service to a Customer

As a Parallels Automation administrative user you must add the customer using the standard add customer workflow and then subscribe the customer to a service template containing the text messaging resource type.

Once this has been completed the customer will immediately have access to the text messaging service within their Parallels Panel. The Bulletin APS package does not send a welcome email for this initial administrative user, however welcome emails are sent for all standard users subsequently added to the company.

The customer can then login to Parallels Panel as per normal and they will see the Text Messaging Service as a headline item within their Panel as shown below.

A Bit About Roles

When you subscribe a company to the service a special administrator account is implicitly setup. This administrator can access reporting, set permissions and various other administrative tasks.

When the administrator creates a service user with the texting service enabled - or an Outlook user these are created as standard user accounts without administrative privileges. You can make a user into an administrator as detailed in the user guide

Logging in as a Customer Administrator

A customer administrator within the Parallels Panel can access the Bulletin Messaging platform by clicking the link shown below. This seamlessly logs them into the Messenger platform where they can perform additional administrative functions.

Managing Users

A customer administrator user can add and remove users to and from the text messaging service. They can also add the service to an existing user quickly and easily.

Simply login as the administrator to Parallels Panel and navigate to the service tab as shown below. Note the entry point link - this when clicked logs you (the administrator) as the user into the Messenger platform. This is extremely convenient for troubleshooting, setup and monitoring.

Logging in as a Customer User

A customer user can login to the Parallels Panel and by clicking the link shown below can easily access the Messenger web interface.


The administrator user mentioned previously has full access to a suite of reporting tools, enabling he or she to analyse user traffic as well as view the content of messages for compliance purposes. Reports can be exported into csv format as used by many popular reporting applications.

For documentation on reporting and other administrative features see the Messenger User Guide


If I change my Parallels Password does this flow to Messenger

Yes, password changes seamlessly apply to the Messenger platform