Bulletin regularly updates Messenger, adding new features; making improvements to current features and functionality and applying fixes to issues identified pro-actively and via feedback from our valued customers. The below table provides an overview of these updates. The Content column provides the main change/s per release and is by no means a conclusive list of changes.

Major Version

Release Date



1 May 2017

  • Complete overhaul of UI for Bulletin instance;
  • Complete overhaul of address book functionality.


22 May 2017

  • Keyword management with dedicated numbers;
  • Upgrade of an Australian Carrier instance.


3 Jul 2017

  • Facebook Messenger integration 


1 Aug 2017

  • Improvements to new UI based on customer feedback.


25 Sep 2017

  • Realm admin and monthly message quota functionality (MessageMedia USA request);
  • Delivery of MessageMedia USA instance, comprising:
    • MessageMedia Branded realm for enterprise customers;
    • Ability to white-label additional realms to suit customers’ requirements;
    • Dedicated WholesaleSMS realm.


30 Oct 2017

  • Improvements to new address book functionality based on customer feedback.


30 Jan 2018

  • File downloads via SMS;
  • Google Translate integration;
  • Upgrade of a New Zealand Carrier's instance (from 2014 version).


26 Mar 2018

  1. Completion of Keyword management functionality, incl processing of MOs sent via shared numbers.
(This included moving all customers from the legacy Campaigner application to using keyword management within Messenger.)


16 Apr 2018

  • Change consistent naming and identifying of the user through different Bulletin applications (Provisioning, Billing, Connect, etc.) and via different realms
  • Bug fixes and Improvements


28 May 2018

  • Second part of changing consistent naming and identification of the Bulletin user
  • Improvements to MSISDN verification; Keyword Processing and Campaigner Forward2email


18 Jun 2018

  • Bug fixes and Improvements
  • First part of changes to Keyword Management Phase II


16 Jul 2018

  • Bug fixes and Improvements
  • Second part of changes to Keyword Management Phase II


14 Aug 2018*

  • Final changes to Keyword Management Phase II
  • Improvements to Historical and Keyword Reporting

        * denotes proposed date