This table shows some of the features available in the Campaigner and Bulletin Connect Bulletin Wireless products.

The best product for you will depend on what features you require but whereas Campaigner offers a ready to use solution for managing many inbound SMS campaigns and message routing, Bulletin Connect gives you the opportunity to create a fully customised or specialised application utilising the carrier grade Bulletin Connect API without the restrictions of Campaigner.

If you have any questions or need clarification on what is available in the Bulletin Connect SDK or Campaigner User Guide then please contact Bulletin Wireless.

Product Feature


Bulletin Connect API

Keyword Routing

Shared MSISDNs

Dedicated MSISDNs
Auto Respond to Inbound SMS Messages
Forward SMS messages to Email

Forward SMS messages to Mobile

Forward SMS messages to a REST API endpoint

Growing List of Response Actions
Integrated with Bulletin Messenger for following up SMS Campaigns
Integrated with Bulletin.Net forr payment and account management
Online Message Logs  
Online Reports  
Remote Reports
Online Subscription and Management
Inbound Message (MO) handling

International Messaging

Premium Billing (Short Codes)

WAP Push Messages

WAP Service Indication Message

Smart Messages (vCard, vCal)

API Interface  

Push SMS messages to a SOAP API endpoint


Carrier Grade Connectivity and SLA

Ability to Initiate SMS Conversation

Prepay Account

Invoice Account Option

Consumer Focused

 Developer/Integrator Focused  

Contact or Request a Bulletin Connect Account if you want to use the carrier grade functionality provided by Bulletin Connect. For Campaigner, sign up online and subscribe today!