Executive Summary

This document provides information on the Bulletin Campaigner service. Designed for simplicity, Campaigner is a low cost point of entry in SMS marketing and consumer initiated communications.

With Campaigner clients can quickly set up campaigns and provide a cost effective avenue for communicating with current and potential customers.


Potential Usage


Gather feedback on product or medium


Harvest numbers for promotions


Run competitions

Designed for simplicity and built for expansion, Campaigner can cater for simple situations and be customised for client needs as they change and grow.

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Business Challenge

SMS marketing has been a growing market in the past 10 years with the growth set to continue into the foreseeable future. The struggle for organisations large and small has been how to harness this power for their benefit.

Bulletin has been a key provider of SMS infrastructure for 8 years and has seen it move through the life cycle of usage from a simple kid's toy to a powerful marketing tool for large organisations willing to invest in software development. With Campaigner the way is now open for SME and SOHO's to have a cost effective presence in this growing market.

Bulletin Campaigner:

  • Is easy to setup.
  • Is easy to use.
  • Is suitable for SME and SOHO through to larger corporate groups.

SMS enable your organisation today. Whether you simply want to gather interest via SMS or provide value added services to your existing portfolio, Campaigner can help you.

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Target Market

Campaigner is a service aimed at organisations that:
  • Need to respond to immediate user questions with succinct information.
  • Want to capture information for use in future marketing efforts.
  • Want to provide a low cost point of communication.

Solution Description

Bulletin Campaigner is a simple interface to a powerful SMS query management system. With Campaigner you can set up automated responses to dedicated keywords with enhanced media management you can deliver 3G contact, calendar, video, audio and real-time internet information. Routing options include SMS to email and mobile aliasing. Campaignerâ„¢ supports short codes and premium billing options.

With the global connectivity of Bulletin Connect and the extensive experience of Bulletin Wireless in this arena, Campaigner is positioned as a low cost, easy to use system for SME, SOHO and growing corporate businesses.

Campaigner takes the cost out of setting up your SMS campaigns. By providing a set of common numbers, and assistance in obtaining dedicated premium numbers, Bulletin can get you up and running with minimum cost or technical knowledge.

The interface to Campaigner allows you to quickly set up your keywords and relevant actions. If the actions you need are not available then our developers can assist in custom building one to your requirements.

With your keywords and actions configured and ready to use you can start to generate interest in them via the mass media, billboards etc. inviting people to text in for more information or to initiate an action.
For example:


Potential Media Call to Action


hotdog Text Hotdog to 4040 for more information. Send a recipe to the handset and maybe a SMS voucher/discount.
donna Send Donna to 4040 to receive my contact details. Send a vCard with phone numbers, email addresses etc to the phone.
openhome23 For more information and pictures send openhome23 to 4040. SMS message sent back with details about the property and a link to pictures of the property. Also the agent gets a SMS so they can follow it up.

Your options are only limited by your imagination and our experienced development team can assist in providing customised solutions for your Campaigner campaigns.

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Solution Benefits

Campaigner is designed to be easy to use with no technical experience required to get started. Where additional features are required as your needs change we will assist you in areas such as:
  • Dedicated premium billing numbers for national campaigns.
  • Bespoke development for handling inbound messages.

Without the overhead of development costs, the barrier to entering SMS marketing has been drastically lowered. For a simple monthly fee and message costs SOHO and SME's can join the international corporations leveraging this technology.

- Kelly Heath - Marketing Manager

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Features and Benefits


  • Low cost structure.
  • Rapid account setup.
  • Shared numbers for low cost campaigns, or
  • Dedicated numbers for branded campaigns.
  • International campaigns can use common numbers.
  • Manage your own keywords. No more delays in making changes to your campaign.


  • Comprehensive Message logging and online Reporting.
  • Large range of standard actions to suit most situations.
  • Powerful premium actions that can deliver WAP or live internet content and even trigger email delivery of promotional material.
  • Customised development available for your specific needs.
  • Easy to understand online userguide.
  • Assistance with obtaining and maintain premium numbers.
  • Dynamic Message handling for customised responses.
  • Remote access to report data for integration into your applications.

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Technical Specifications

Campaigner is a robust service using webservices, secure industry standard protocols and solid architecture to provide a scalable solution with no barriers to entry.

The Campaigner service is accessed as a subscription offering within the Bulletin Dashboard (http://www.bulletin.net).

Subscribers to the service may elect to use any of a shared range of numbers that may be either globally accessible or restricted to single networks.

Users of the service are able to configure unique keywords that they can then publicise to the target market. Along with the keywords, users select from a range of predefined actions they want to happen when a keyword is used. These actions may simply be to reply with an acknowledgment, forward the message to an email address or send a media enabled message back to the sender. More complex actions can be implemented if required.

Messages are logged to enable fine tuning of campaigns or reporting the results.

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Details of the proposed solution

Users can simply set up each keyword in 4 easy steps:
  • Select the number to use.
  • Enter the unique keyword.
  • Define the action using simple our simple to use templates.
  • Test it online!

When someone sends an SMS with the keyword to the query number Campaigner responds with the defined action.

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More Information

For the latest information about our product and services, please see the following resources:

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Web Sites


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Related Products

Bulletin Connect

If you have a need for a highly scalable SMS solution to integrate into your application or business model then Bulletin Connect may suit your needs.

Bulletin Connect is a dedicated secure web service with a simple API interface accessible by SOAP over HTTP or HTTPS. Using the development language of your choice you can quickly develop a robust suite of tools that can send and receive TXT messages, process delivery receipts and integrate into your work flow.

Whether it is contacting clients from your CRM system or implementing work flow management via SMS, Bulletin Connect can work for you.

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Bulletin Messenger

Bulletin Messenger enables messages to be broadcast to many people instantly or targeted directly to individuals. It provides status tracking information and, using mTag technology, reply messages are seamlessly linked. Bulletin Messenger delivers powerful web and email interfaces as well as integrating with widgets via an easy to use API and mobile applications. Bulletin Messenger has proven very successful with large enterprises and SMBs. It is also offered directly by Service Providers under their own brand.

Bulletin Messenger can be used to reply to messages from Campaigner that are forwarded to an email address (subscription required).

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Case Studies

See http://www.bulletin.net for the latest case studies

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