Campaigner - Mobile User FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Sending Campaigner Requests

What number to I send Campaigner messages to?


Each Campaigner user has the ability to choose shared numbers or setup their own. The number to use will be shown in the users advertising material.
The shared numbers for all Campaigner accounts are:






Access Restrictions






New Zealand


Only available for:
Vodafone New Zealand
Telecom New Zealand


20c, Requests billed by the wireless provider






No Restrictions


Standard SMS Costs






Available on any GSM phone and probably most other networks


Standard SMS Costs




How do I use Campaigner to get information on my mobile device?


Campaigner uses keywords defined by advertisers, publishers and content providers as well and business and individuals that want to give mobile users more information.
The keywords and instructions will be publicised along with what numbers to send the messages to as well as costs.
In general though, you send the keyword and arguments (a.k.a. parameters) to the common number and can expect a response from Campaigner within moments.

  1. Try sending "alert" to +19414219850 (standard SMS charges apply) and you will receive a SMS contain a link to a webpage showing the lasted homeland security status.

  2. For GSM devices try sending "google bulletin wireless" to +19414219850 (standard SMS charges apply) and you will receive a WAP Push link to a google search for 'bulletin wireless'.

  3. For GSM devices try sending "flickr" to +19414219850 (standard SMS charges apply) and you will receive a WAP Push link to recent images.



I sent a SMS to Campaigner but didn't get a response. What do I do now?


In almost all cases Campaigner will respond to a SMS within minutes of receiving your message so you should always expect a reply. In some instances the reply may be an enhanced message such as electronic business card (vCard), calendar item (vCal) or a WAP push message which may not be supported by your phone or network.
While most services do provide an acknowledgement SMS some do not and this should be explained on the promotional material.
If you have not received a reply message, and were expecting one, then please contact the organisation providing the message content (as advertised) and if they are unable to assist then contact Bulletin with the following details:

  1. Your mobile number.

  2. The name of your wireless (mobile) provider.

  3. The Message content you sent to Campaigner.

  4. The date and time you sent the message.

  5. Details of the advertisment or promotion where you saw the Campaigner promotion instructions.



Receiving Messages


How do I know if I can receive Campaigner messages?


There are a several Campaigner's setup to allow you to test your phone capablities:




Test Message


Send to*


What you should expect


WAP Push Internet Content






A WAP Push message that shows a description and your phone should then activate the BBC Top Gear wap page.


WAP Push Campaigner Media






A WAP Push message that shows a description and your phone should then activate a page hosted with Campaigner that contains a couple of images.


Electronic Business Card (vCard)






A vCard message will be sent to your phone. This contact should be able to be added to the address book.


Calendar Event or Meeting (vCal)






A specially formated Calendar message for Christmas Day 2006 will be added to your phones calendar.


SMS with embedded URL






A SMS message that includes a link to the BBC Dr Who WAP page.


Different handsets and wireless providers support a range of Campaigner features. If you fail to receive a response to one of the test messages listed then please contact your mobile service provider and ask them for more information. Bulletin is happy to work with your carrier to resolve any connectivity issues you may encounter.




Further Information


I like this! How do I sign up or subscribe to Campaigner?


Sign up here. You will then access Campaigner via or through the Bulletin website from your subscription list.


Where can i get more information on Campaigner?