Bulletin Dashboard

The Bulletin Dashboard provides a single point of entry to the Bulletin range of wireless products and services. It is through the Dashboard that you will login when you want to subscribe to and access your services. You will make any payments using one of the payment services provided and can get more information on any of the services we offer.


This Document goes through in detail steps needed for everything from signup to making a payment and subscribing to services.


Table of Contents


  1. Signing Up
  2. Sign up via the website
    1. Sign up a company account
  3. My Dashboard
    1. Profile settings
    2. Add Funds
    3. Subscribed Services
    4. Recent Transactions
    5. User Management
  4. Passwords
    1. Forgotten Password
  5. General
  6. Web Browser Requirements
  7. Browser Security
  8. Browser Caches


Signing Up

   If your company is already signed up please contact your company administrator to get an account set up.


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Sign up via the website

Users can sign up for Bulletin via the website http://www.bulletin.net.
The following steps explain how to sign up for Bulletin Online:
  1. Go to http://www.bulletin.net
  2. Choose one of our many services from the products menu. 
  3. Click the link Start Your Free Trial link on the services info page. 
  4. Complete the following fields: 
    1. Country: Select your country from the list. If your country is not displayed please contact support@bulletinwireless.net or select the closest country to you. 
    2. Username: Choose your own username (Between 3 and 33 characters). 
    3. Password: Choose your own password and then fill out the confirm password with the same password. 
    4. Email: The email address related to the account you wish to set up. 
    5. Mobile: Your mobile will be used to send a verification code to you which allows you to go from a trial customer to a full fledged user, this must be a valid mobile number and Must be in International Format with no spaces, letters, brackets or other special characters see the section on International Number Format for examples. 
  5. If you came from one of our many promotions make sure you enter that code in there. 
  6. Optionally you can opt into marketing where we will send you out new and exciting offers as well as keep you up to date with whats going on at Bulletin. 
  7. Accept Bulletin's T&Cs. 
  8. Click the BEGIN YOUR FREE TRIAL Button. 
  9. You will be logged into your dashboard and all ready to go. 
  10. A txt message will be sent to your mobile with a confirmation code simply enter that into the verify your mobile field to become a fully fledged user. 

You are now ready to start using Bulletin's services.


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Sign up a company account

All online signups permit up to 5 sub users. To upgrade to additional users please contact us


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My Dashboard

Here you can manage everything about your account, users and subscriptions.


Profile Settings

Access and update your account details such as:
  • Your mobile number which will need to be confirmed if you change it. 
  • Change your password. 


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Add Funds

Prepay account holders can use paypal or pay directly by credit card through our direct link to paypal.

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Subscribed Services

Note: If your company is signed up for Bulletin Services you will have to contact your company administrator to subscribe to a new service.

Here you can subscribe, unsubscribe or go to any of Bulletin's services at the click of a button.

To subscribe to a service simply click the subscribe button next to the desired service.

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Recent Transactions

Here you can view all payments and messages that have been sent over certain periods of time.

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User Management

Note: Your extra users can only access the services you are subscribed to.

User Management allows you to create and manage up to an extra 5 users at once (Contact) for options on upgrades.
To create a user simply:
  1. Go to the user Management option. 
  2. Click on Create User at the bottom right. 
  3. Fill out all the details. 
  4. Click save. 

Editing is just as easy as clicking the edit button next to the user you want to edit.

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Forgotten Password

A forgotten password can be retrieved by doing the following.


On the login page (http://www.bulletin.net) click on the 'forgot password? 'Link. Now just enter the mobile you signed up with along with the verification captcha and click continue.


Your password will be sent to you within the next 20 minutes.

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The Bulletin Online web site uses Javascript and is designed for 1024/768 screen size.


You may get warnings from your browser as you are redirected to the individual Bulletin services from Bulletin Online.

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Web Browser Requirements

Bulletin Messenger makes use of some modern HTML5 code as well as javascript so it wont work so well on older browsers.


We recommend using IE9 or above, Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers as Messenger makes use of responsive web design - using your screen real estate effectively in these browsers. Don't worry if you are using the ancient IE8 - Messenger degrades gracefully just like any decent product should.

To access and use Messenger you will need a browser that:
  1. supports cookies 
  2. has JavaScript enabled 
  3. has 1024 by 768 or above screen resolution. 

Internet Explorer 7.0 and older are not supported and we suggest you visit http://www.browserchoice.eu to find a new one and don't want to be the target of viruses.


Some browser plugins or extensions (eg Grease Monkey) interfere with JavaScript so if you are running anything like this then please disable them or add bulletinmessenger.net to the exclusion list for the extension.

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Browser Security

Security is a major concern when accessing a website you don't know. All traffic to and from the Messenger service is over secure HTTPS connections. No personal information is stored in cookies on your PC but we recommend that you check this yourself to put your mind at ease.


You may also notice that using the browser BACK button may cause an error to be displayed. This reduces the incidence of messages being resubmitted by mistake and also prevents any of your pages being accessed should someone attempt to replay your session from data they may have intercepted. Trust us, that is a good thing even though it is a little annoying at times. You can usually navigate using the buttons and links within the page so there is no need to use the BACK button.


On the subject of security we recommend you do not use the same password on our service as you do for other on line services. On our systems your passwords are stored securely (hashed) but on your browser they may not be.


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Browser Caches

From time to time you may need to clear your browser cache. The way to clear your cache depends on the type and version of internet browser you are using. A guide is available here.

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